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A Little About Us

Financial Strategies Group, Inc. is an all-around financial advising firm specializing in effective comprehensive financial plans. We offer financial services, including wealth and asset management, retirement planning, and life insurance.

Our financial advisors in Northville spend the necessary time to gain a deep understanding of your unique financial goals. This allows us to create custom solutions to efficiently maximize your short-term and long-term objectives.

These tailored strategies establish clear expectations. It is of the utmost importance for our clients to see how their future financial goals can be achieved.

No need to search for a “Financial Advisor Near Me” on the internet anymore. Contact us and book your complimentary, introductory appointment. Allow us to handle it all for you.

What Makes Us Different?

Our financial consultants in Northville prioritize our client relationships above all else. We understand that a deep and trusting relationship is paramount to navigating the ever-changing landscape of personal finance.

We focus on your concerns as if they were our own. Our investment advisors in Northville will partner with you to analyze your goals, priorities, and concerns for your personal investment plan and we will work diligently to earn your trust.

Our team is made up of experienced advisors in every area of financial planning. Whether you want plans and guidance for retirement, investment, estate planning, insurance, or any other financial aspects, Financial Strategies Group will be right beside you through all of these challenges.

We hold in-person and virtual meetings with our clients to encourage clear communication as we work together to understand their goals and objectives.

Our Financial Plan Modules

Whether you are planning for a future retirement or managing retirement presently, the current economic and legislative landscape has never been more confusing and difficult to navigate than now. Our retirement planners in Northville understands how to maximize the income you receive during your retirement years by analyzing social security, covering current and future medical expenses, Long Term Care and avoidance of outliving your money.

What will happen to your assets after you die? For many, the ability to control their inheritance with clear expectations is key. For example, our estate planner in Northville will provide insight into options like Wills and Trusts that disinherit the IRS and provide a smooth and easy transition of your assets to those you desire to receive them.

Are you searching for an "investment advisor near me" on Google? Then, you have come to the right place. Financial Strategies Group understands the importance of investment planning for a stable financial life.
We comprehend future goals and objectives. Our investment advisors in Northville proposes a strategical investment scheme that matches your priorities.

Are your assets protected from creditors, litigation, or other unforeseen liabilities? These are areas that tend to be overlooked and yet they have the biggest exposure to your assets. Our retirement advisors in Northville will show you how to maximize the protection of your current assets from these worries.

Are you effectively reducing the taxes you pay to the IRS? Annual Tax Accounting and Tax Planning are TWO very different things. Our investment advisors will partner with you and your tax professional to offer insight on how you can effectively and efficiently reduce the taxes you are paying to the IRS.

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Our Team

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Ronald Thompson II

Financial Advisor

Ronnie opened his office in Northville in 2007 as an estate planning and wealth management firm. By 2011, he proudly partnered with Financial Strategies Group. He has been a loyal and reliable financial professional ever since. His overwhelming knowledge of the financial industry and dedication to each individual client helps him stand out among the rest. Having advised through economic downturns, Ronnie’s experience, philosophy, and undeniable willingness to educate his clients every step of the way is the backbone of his office.

Steve Wilbourn

Financial Advisor

Steve has been advising clients and collaborating with Ronnie in the Northville FSG Office since the summer of 2019. Coming from another firm and bringing with him decades of experience managing successful sales teams in the distribution industry, we are fortunate to have such a well-rounded goal-oriented advisor join our team. He is not just willing to listen but is intuitive and understanding. Steve believes that a strong foundation for financial success begins with great relationships.

Darcy Wilbourn

Office Manager

Darcy has been Ronnie Thompson’s Executive Assistant since 2016 and manages our office. She has worked as an Investment Assistant for Retirement Planners since 2007. Darcy’s commitment to detail, amazing capacity to multi-task proficiently and dedication to attentive and kind client communication lays the groundwork for our office atmosphere. She is qualified, skilled, and competent. She claims she fell into this career by chance and found it fit her perfectly. We’re just thankful she did!

Laurie Cantu

Front Desk Coordinator

Laurie joined our team in May of 2022 as our Front Desk Coordinator. She came to us with a warm welcoming and caring demeanor from her years of working in the medical industry. This experience along with her natural disposition shaped her to give the utmost quality care and attention to our clients. Her friendly empathetic nature & approachable presence make her extremely enjoyable to work with.



Ronald S. Thompson is a Licensed Attorney (Michigan and Ohio) who practices in the areas of estate, business, real estate, and tax planning with the firm of Thompson Stewart, PC. Ron received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, his MBA from Boston University, and his law degree from the University of Detroit Law School, General Counsel for several corporations, and a law partner with several firms. Ron’s practice focuses primarily on asset protection, tax, and succession planning. Ron's other professional designations are Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Life Underwriter, and Certified Financial Planner.

Estate Planning with Ronald Thompson

I have personally developed over 3,000 estate plans for clients. I also have extensive experience and expertise in these areas: Tax, Elder Law, Special Needs, and Foreign Citizenship. I provide a comprehensive and gratis consultation that allows me to then develop documents and custom draft a comprehensive plan to address each client's specific circumstance. This ensures the client’s family is protected, guardianship for children and special needs adults is established, probate and other court proceedings are avoided, taxes are minimized or eliminated, and dependent spouses and children are protected from creditors, divorce, and potential disability issues. My expertise provides education and understanding of the following:

● Trusts

● Trust Funding

● Durable Power of Attorney

● Patient Advocate Designation

● Asset Protection

How Do We Help?

We Listen to You!

Financial planning becomes more manageable when the financial planner clearly understands your specific objectives and challenges. Our fiduciary advisors in Northville listen to you and guide you throughout your journey. Financial Strategies Group wants to establish a long-term partnership with you while together managing your concerns and specific goals.

Designing a Tailored Plan

Are you tired of searching for a "financial advisor near me"? Then, stop and allow us to create a financial plan built just for you. We will analyze your current situation, compare those findings with your requirements, then present you with your options. Our advisors will go one step further and educate you regarding each option to be sure you have a clear understanding of the choices.

Let Us Handle It!

Bring your concerns to us. Let our professionals navigate everything with you. Financial Strategies Group will prepare a plan to address your financial needs, and much more.

We use effective methods for investments, insurance, and planning for retirement. What are you waiting for? Talk to our experienced financial advisor in Northville now!

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